Will using a Resonate Tube Improve a Choirs Vocal Range?

The study found that when they used a technique of gently vocalising through a tube into a glass of water, it immediately improved the singers range and volume control.

Immediate Effect of a Resonance Tube on the Vocal Range Profile of Choristers. Nathalia Suellen Valeriano Cardoso, Jonia Alves Lucena, and Adriana de Oliveira Camargo Gomes, Recife, Brazil.

But, let’s start at the vocal training technique, why sing into a straw into water? The article identifies it as an SOVTE, a Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercise. I’m not familiar with the using the technique but, the article identifies it as “SOVTE are produced by the narrow constriction of the vocal tract and applied in clinical practice to promote vocal efficiency and increase source-filter interaction”. So, a resonant tube as they used is a variation of an SOVTE and acts “as an artificial extension of the vocal tract…[will change] acoustic impedance, promotes a massaging effect on the vocal folds, improves vocal conditioning and reduces stress, resulting in more economic phonation.”

Read up for their terminology and outcomes on the link provided.

So, after using the Resonate Tube Technique, the choristers gained more gained more vocal flexibility through the singers being able to sing higher, lower and louder.

Finally, the study identified amateur choirs’ need for more training support. This is a group of singers not traditionally associated with voice trainers, coaches and Speech Pathologists.

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